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by Strike Back

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released June 23, 2017

Recorded at Studio 6 by Chris Sanderson and Stu Mckay.
Mixed and Mastered by Stu Mckay
Artwork by Jess Webberley




all rights reserved


Strike Back England, UK

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Track Name: Consumed
I will shut you out if it's the last thing I do
'cos I can see that I mean nothing to you
life is nothing but pain, there's no end in sight
when you're consumed by your anger and spite

Do you remember a time when we were only kids
who could have ever known that we would end up like this

I would've made effort
I could've seen this through
I would've made the effort but the how, where and whys got the better of you

I tried to be the best that I could be
that was never enough now it's plain to see
my mind began to wither and die
crushed under the pressure of being around you all the time

Every word that we left unspoken
weighs heavy now by back's been broken
turn of the lights, close your eyes
convince yourself you're not living a lie

I know I'm only young but I'm dead on my feet
mostly from the company I choose to keep

You've still got a few things to learn about the world
I won't always be there to hold your hand

One day I hope you'll understand
Track Name: The Rules ft. Tim Louth - Cold Hard Truth
Do you ever get the feeling like you're wasting away
just going through the motions almost everyday
lost your purpose, lost in time
lost your meaning just like I've lost mine

I won't live up to your standards
I won't follow your rules
there has to be a better way than this
I'll shed the weight of everything that I wouldn't miss

I'm sorry but I can't be
the person that you've always wanted from me
I didn't mean to let you down
but I've built myself up, my mind is coming around
It never crossed my mind to think for myself that way

Now I think I'm moving on
but it's difficult to tell
this recovery is long
from my hell

Try as you might you wont take me back
to that miserable place where confidence lacks
spread all your lies I have no doubt
I will be righteous when your judgement comes about

Break your chains

Your veins pour my hatred across the stone
your life is worthless, humanity is overgrown
I consume the sense of fear coming from your soul
you can try to drag me down I'll be standing whole

You've got nowhere to hide when I hit the street
If you want to step up to me then pussy take a seat
all you do is talk shit about each other
I'll come out swinging on all you motherfuckers